90% of Christians Unknowingly Support Abortion

Ninety percent of Christians support abortion unknowingly, by being fooled into committing a deadly sin.

Modern day Christians are surrounded by more temptation than ever before. Although many are aware of the basics like recreational drugs, drinking too much, gluttony, excessive spending and so forth. Most Christians are still unaware of a deadly sin that not only tempts with false promises but also disguises itself as a wolf in sheep's clothing...a "Savior" of sorts.

The sin I speak of, fools Christians into paying for and passively supporting abortion and also murder outside of the womb. It tricks them into tainting the sanctified blood of themselves, their loved ones, and worst of all their innocent children. Dirtying their blood with a mad scientist's cocktail of filth and toxins that only a person in a hazmat suit would be willing to clean up if spilled (true protocol).

The sinful cocktail of sickness and disease I speak of is vaccinations.

Vaccinations contain aborted human fetal DNA. When a Christian takes their child to the pediatrician's office for vaccinations, they are not only passively supporting abortion, they are allowing the injection of the remnants of an aborted fetus into their child. 

Vaccinations have been proven to cause injury and death to countless children and adults via the Government program V.I.C.P and V.A.E.R.S database. And yet the wolf in sheep's clothing keeps on fooling. 

Bill Gates and Rockefeller's grandson, David Rockefeller have both spoken openly about the United Nations plans for depopulation. Bill Gates has spoken specifically about vaccination being a key component to this end.

Earlier I called this sin a "Savior" of sorts. Vaccination has been touted as a modern medical miracle. A "savior" of humanity from disease. A "Savior" because those who promote this sin do not believe in Jesus...or in any form of God for that matter. The very people that help to create these vaccines and have been questioned by Congress members have openly admitted to being atheists. Money is their god. And they have no morals. Who are "they"? "They" are those running the pharmaceutical industry, the Rockefeller family - that gave birth to the pharmaceutical industry in order to patent what God already put on this earth.."medicine" - , Bill and Melinda Gates, the politicians bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical lobbyists, and anyone promoting and or profiting off of this evil act.

Not only are Christians injecting aborted fetal DNA into their children through vaccination, they are also injecting the opposite sexes DNA into their boys. Ever heard of the transgender movement or gender-less approach to parenting? This is not an accident. It is a deliberate plan put forth by sick minded politicians to grow an underground black market multi-billion dollar industry and feed their pockets and sick desires by programming the citizens.

They are trying to normalize what is not normal or natural. This article is not a crack at anyone who is homosexual. This is to expose the Dark Global Leader Agenda and one of their primary means for attaining their goal, vaccinations. Vaccines are a means of control, a means of depopulation, and a means for profit all wrapped in one little package.

So, Christians and all parents keep your kids safe. You can no longer say you weren't warned.